Eye Exams

At Etobicoke Family Eye Care, your Optometrists Dr. Danny Quaglietta, Dr. Mathias Boermans and Dr. Peggy Nickolet provide comprehensive eye exams to ensure lasting ocular health and excellent vision. Your spectacle prescription will be accurately diagnosed and demonstrated to you. The ocular movement, depth perception, color vision and eye pressure is assessed to diagnose and monitor your ocular health.

Eye exams

As eye doctors our Optometrists diagnose and are certified to prescribe medications for ocular diseases. If a surgeon is required a referral will be made to the appropriate Ophthalmologist in a timely fashion.

Diabetic Screening

Diabetic Retinopathy can only be diagnosed by a comprehensive eye examination. Retinal blood vessels are affected by this degenerative condition. Catching this degeneration early in its progression does preserve sight. The risk of retinopathy is also increased if you have high blood pressure, are pregnant or if you are taking insulin.

Eye exams diabetic screening

In diabetic screening, the eye is dilated and digital retinal images are taken of the retina. These photos allow the doctor to inspect, document and display the retina for the patient.

Glaucoma Screening

Diagnosing glaucoma involves measuring the intraocular pressure. The doctor will also check the optic nerve by looking through a dilated pupil to see the back of the eye. Peripheral vision is examined in order to determine if your visual field has been compromised.

Cornea thickness is also an important element in diagnosing glaucoma. The measurement of this thickness is known as pachymetry. Open-angle or angle-closure glaucoma is diagnosed uses gonioscopy. In gonioscopy, a specific gonioscopy lens is placed against the eye. Tonography measures how fast fluid drains from your eye.

High Blood Pressure

The retinal blood vessels may change as a result of HBP. The arteries and veins can change in size and strength which can cause an occlusions and hemorrhages. This may result in hypertensive retinopathy and vision loss.