Buying Eyeglasses Online vs Buying from an Optometrist

Optometrists are licensed and well trained professional to help you choose a frame that will fit the type of prescription, which they prescribed for you. The Optometrist has considered your visual needs during your examination and with the knowledge of the most up to date lens and material types will choose the best lens type and material for you and the frame selected. The strength and type of prescription will help dictate the frame style, size and shape. This is important to keep the lenses as thin and light as possible. Your face size and shape needs to be considered not only for fashion but functionality. Single vision, multifocal focal, lens material, prismatic effect and pupillary distance all need to be considered so that the glasses are made for the best visual comfort possible.

At the Optometrist’s office the frame will be chosen properly to ensure the success and comfort physically and visually. The Optometrist checks all parameters before delivery of the glasses they manufacture and is at your service to maintain your warranty and comfort. Optometry does not judge other manufacturers.

When buying online you choose the frame from a picture. I believe a licensed professional cannot know if it would fit from a picture. Frames often look good on our display wall but may not when they’re on and you look in the mirror. Patients on average try 10-15 frames before we narrow it down to best fit for fashion, lens type and prescription needed. Frame depth and width are measure as they fit on your face. Optometrist’s experience will guide you in the correct direction. The distance between your pupils needs to be exact or it can create unwanted prismatic effect, which can result in unnecessary eye muscle fatigue and headaches.

Wave front and freeform lenses are new and need to be considered if they can be appropriate for your correction. Measurements for these lenses are taken while you are wearing a pre-adjusted frame before manufacturing for best results. Optometry balances dollar value to the potential benefits for the patient. This selection will result in the least amount of distortion, allowing clear vision with the most comfort at reasonable prices. The ongoing service does not end at delivery. If changes occur optometry can answer your questions and adjust accordingly.

Eyeglasses are medical devices and are not sold over the counter. For public safety and protection, only a professional with a license can prescribe and dispense eyeglasses in Canada.

Optometrists stay responsible for the eyeglasses they manufacture. When purchasing online, make sure you have met the licensed professional who is responsible for your eyeglasses being manufactured with the correct prescription, material and fit to ensure physical and visual comfort.

Always remember, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin